• What To Expect

    Learn more about our fast process that takes you from check in to check out efficiently while still effectively evaluating the patient. Our process includes the following:

    • Check-In
    • Biometric Screening
    • Physician Interview and Assessment
    • Ultrasound Imaging
    • Ultrasound Examination Menu
    • Check-Out
    • Results

    Our Online Health Portal Provides Our Patients With a Web Based Personal Health Record Software
    Click Below To Watch a Video About Our Online Health Portal

    We Provide the Most Comprehensive and Proactive Health and Wellness Services to Our Clients and Patients
    Today's Preventative Treatment is Tomorrow's Cure

  • Mobile Medical Unit

    AccuHealth's health and wellness services are now on wheels! Our brand new 38' mobile medical unit affords us the ability to transport a modern, fully functional medical office and staff right to your location! This further enhances the convenience of our health and wellness services, including our exclusive executive physical program . Fully equipped with a front desk registration area, bathroom, and 3 private examination rooms, it provides patients with all of the comfort and conveniences of a fixed medical office. Speak to your organization's health wellness representative, visit our website, or call AccuHealth today to find out the dates and times it will be at your location so you can schedule your next appointment!

  • FAQ

    Do you have more questions about our Executive Physical Program, Ultrasound Testing, Workplace Wellness Program or our Online Wellness Portal? We have a robust FAQ that will answer your questions. Use the button below to get your questions answered.

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