Future of Health

AccuHealth’s is very pleased to announce the availability of its latest service for our union clients…AccuHealth Consulting. The consulting division of AccuHealth sole purpose is providing to the union and its management the expertise we possess in a multilevel format. With this ability, evolving from the extensive data that AccuHealth has accumulated over the years, we can offer “deep dives” into Union data and a better analysis of the opportunities available to the unions, be they better negotiating tactics and strategies, areas of money-saving ideas or methods to reduce the cost to their membership. AccuHealth Consulting can provide assistance with contract negotiations, Union population stratification, predictive modeling, areas of future potential cost growth and assistance with development of future strategies.

The Products Step By Step

  1. Top level analysis of union membership based on a few simple data-points – number of union members and average age. From this, with comparison to known populations analytic tables, we can provide a basic overview of population stratification and high-level projections. The caveat here is that this will be a very simple analysis, not specific to the relevant union population, but reasonably accurate in financial projections for total health care costs.
  2. The next step would be to add some higher-level union demographics. This would include more specific information, such as the overall diagnostic categories of the union’s membership; i.e., how many members with a few specific diagnoses, such as diabetes, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, cancer, etc. This information would be very helpful with projection of overall health care costs, projected going-forward additional costs, pharmaceutical costs, potential additional premium-share contribution and “forward-looking” negotiating strategies.
  3. More in-depth analysis of union membership providing additional and more specific information with respect to cost and targeting certain potential membership for medical management and union populations stratification. This would require the database of pharmaceutical and medical claims and would afford the union very specific steps to reduce costs. This may offer an advantage when negotiating healthcare benefits with employers and what the membership may encounter with co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles and premium contributions.
  4. A deeper dive into the potential for cost analytics and illness occurrence (and the potential to reduce or hopefully prevent some illnesses altogether or their severity) with the addition of more datapoints including membership family history and lifestyle information.
  5. This would be the most detailed analytics of union membership and would include predictive analyses, future potential costs, costs per illness, relative risk of disease occurrence, comprehensive population stratifications and targeted preemptive medical management. It would also include negotiation points relative to long term mitigation of union
    membership expenses. The data input would be extensive and would require union membership participation using the AccuHealth Website and completion of the comprehensive AccuHealth Health Risk Assessment, in addition to the data needed in levels 1 – 4 above. Individual member risk can be projected; coincident potential opportunities for cost-saving in pharmaceuticals, optimization of medical care, medical management, targeted diagnoses and negotiating strategies
    would be some of the benefits of Comprehensive AccuAnalytics.

Please ask your AccuHealth Health and Wellness representative for more information or to arrange a time to speak with one of our Senior Consultants.

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